2018 Vision Offerings

"Making and Nurturing Disciples of Jesus"

College Hills organizes our finances into two categories - Operations and Vision.

The Operating Fund includes the basic operations of church life. It is covered by 48 weekly offerings with a goal of $27,757 each week.

Four times a year we ask the church to support Vision ministries with an offering of $84,513. To reach that goal, we ask members to triple their weekly offering if they are able to. We have hit that target four years in a row. These Vision Offerings pay for life-changing ministries such as local & cross-cultural missions, youth & children's ministry, family care ministry, and community service projects.  {View 2018 Vision Booklet}

Please pray for God to guide the leaders of College Hills as we use His money for the kingdom. And pray for God to show each of us ways that we can be generous with our money, time, and other resources.

The videos below show a glimpse of some of the many ministries supported by our quarterly Vision Offerings. The GPS Spring Retreat and Youthreach Winterfest are two of the many events that enrich and nurture disciples at College Hills.

For more information please email our College Hills treasurer, Glen Butler, at glenbutler@butlerandassoc.com or our Director of Finance and Facilities, Darren Brown, at dbrown@collegehills.org, or call the church office at 615.444.9502.


2018 Vision Offerings ...  Thank You for your generous support!

   • March 4 - $66,434

   • June 3 -   $83,837

   • August 26 -  

   • November 4 -  


2017 Vision Offerings 

   • March 5 - $85,167

   • June 4$72,570

   • August 27 - $82,674

   • November 5 - $69,296

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