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User's Guide

If you are new to the College Hills Church
Online Directory, WELCOME!   Our Online Directory is a great resource
for accessing current information about your church family.
This tool can help you:
  • Find postal mail and email addresses, and phone numbers for College Hills members.
  • Coordinate Class and LIFE group contact information.
  • Link faces to names with our Pictorial Directory option.
  • Keep your contact information and photo up to date.
  • Contact Bible class and LIFE group members; a particularly useful feature for teachers/leaders.
  • and much more ...

Access: Initial Account Set-up

Your first step in entering the College Hills Online Directory is receiving a login and password for College Hills Access.  Begin here, at the College Hills website

Select Directory at the top, right corner.  


Login and Password

On your first visit to the Access Online Directory portal, you will set up a login and password.

Find Need a Login? and then select Click Here.

Type your email address and name exactly as it appears in the College Hills directory. 

** Your email account needs to already be in the CHCC Access database and the one you enter here must match the one that is in the Access database.

Select "Find Me".  If your entry is not found, check accuracy, remember it MUST be exactly as listed in order to be found.



If at any point you need help with Access, please call the
College Hills Church office at 615-444-9502 for assistance.


Once your information is verified, your login and a temporary password will be promptly sent to the in-box at your email address.

Open the email from College Hills, copy the temporary password (control C) to your clipboard, and return to Access Online Directory. Enter your login email address and paste your temporary password (control V) into the spaces provided.  You will then be prompted to create a new, unique password of your choosing.


Creating a Strong Password
As you create your new, unique password, remember the following:

  • Your new password should not contain your user name or e-mail.
  • It should not include any of the following characters: < & > / \ ; % [space] ' "
  • It should contain two or more numbers.
  • It should contain both lower and upper case characters.
  • It should be over 8 characters long.
  • It should be familiar enough that you will remember it (or write it down in a safe location).


Now that you have created your own unique login, you have complete access to the College Hills Online Directory. 

There are 2 ways you can access the College Hills Online Directory.

  • Through the Directory link located in the top, right hand corner of the College Hills website./files/Images/Event Graphics/ACS Church Life App.jpeg.png
  • Through the ACS Church Life App which is available for free download to our Android, iPhone, or
    other mobile device. You can search the Directory with this App, but updates will still need to be done through the website link.   *Please note that the Calendar function of the App does NOT work with our Directory, clicking on the Calendar will send you into a loop.


Finding Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers

Under the Home Tab select Overview then use the Search box to identify information for specific families or individuals.  Type in their name (or even just a portion of the name) and select "search".

Under the Directories Tab, individual
and family online directories may be prepared, viewed or printed at any time. This contains the most up to date information available to College Hills.
You can choose to view/print a text listing of the information or a version with photographs included.


Your Classes and LIFE Group

The Groups Tab contains information about Sunday School Classes and LIFE Groups.  This can help put some names with faces, create a quick phone list, or an email distribution list.

If you'd like to see all the Small groups available, go to Home Tab, I want to View, Available Small Groups. Just scroll down to find a group you are interested in visiting.

Information About You

Under the Home Tab, My Profile displays the current information College Hills has on record for you and your family.  If you would like to change any of the information, select the "pencil" and provide corrected information.  To submit a new family or individual photo to add to your records, choose the Picture button in the upper right corner and upload the picture of your choice directly from your computer.


All update/edit requests are sent to the College Hills church office to be reviewed and then added to the database.  If there is anything inappropriate, it will not be added.  It may take a few days for changes to be reflected in the system.  This online database is updated periodically, unlike the one in the College Hills office which updates constantly.




Changing Your Settings

Account Settings will allow you to change your password and update your email address.

Personal Preferences allows you to  choose what information you wish to share with other College Hills members on this site.  Remember, this is a secure website and it is only available to the College Hills family.




You can even prepare your own Pictorial Directory with the latest information available! 

Your Pictorial Directory can be viewed on your computer screen or printed.