We often think of mission work as something that we do when we leave the country. While this is true, it's not the only way we can do mission work. We can do this work in our own city by serving and helping our neighbors.  

On-Going Collections:

We collect items for M.A.G.I. Boxes all year long!  Items for M.A.G.I. Boxes that we treasure are happy meal toys and any other small toys such as jump ropes, jacks, small balls, cars, combs, bars of soap, small tubes of toothpaste & toothbrushes, small notebooks or tablets, and crayons. We collect these items year round. Items for M.A.G.I. Boxes can be placed in the basket beside the aquarium in the Children's Wing.  

Children's clothing appropriate for our annual School Store Clothing Give-away and also summer clothing for M.A.G.I. Boxes for children from ages 2 through 11. 

Box Tops for Education from products such as Cheerios, Avery office supplies, Zip Loc baggies, and General Mills baking items.  (You may already be saving them for a particular child's school but if not, we'd love to have them to share with schools attended by children from our ministry.)