Classrooms for children ages 2 and 3 are on the Red Wing of the College Hills Children's Ministry area.

Two year olds are called "Bears" in our Children's Ministry, and include children who were 2 by September 30 of the previous year and will be turning 3 during the current year.

Three year olds are called "Bunnies". These are children who were 3 by September 30 of the previous year and will be turning 4 during the current year.

Pre-kindergarten "Dinosaurs" (children who will be in Kindergarten next school year) meet in the Green Wing of the Children's Ministry area in rooms 420 and 422 on Sunday morning and in room 422 on Sunday and Wednesday evening.

These children are promoted to the next age level class at the beginning of September each year.  Bears will go to the Bunnies class and Bunnies will go to the Dinosaurs class.