The Mission of The Brooks House is
to provide a safe, comfortable environment for women and children seeking shelter
and connect them with resources to help change their lives.

The Brooks House, the new community homeless shelter here in Lebanon, had its Dedication and Open House in April 2008. The facility is located at 219 Virginia Avenue.

This facility and its capable workers have officially begun serving in Lebanon to help those in need, and has the capability for up to 20 women and children to receive temporary shelter. There are 8 bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and family room. Residents will be provided with meals, warmth in cold weather and a respite from the summer heat in a safe, comfortable and caring environment. Initially, the Brooks House will serve the residents breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but may then provide residents the opportunity to cook their own meals. Residents will be able to stay up to 45 days, then will transition to their own permanent residence.

Using local agency partners, Brooks House will assist residents in locating agencies and services to meet their individual needs including but not limited to:  Educational Services, Career advancement, Medical services, Dental Services, Mental health services, Day care, Mentoring, Financial counseling, Legal counseling, Spiritual support, and Substance abuse counseling.

Residents will also be able to take part in family outings to be able to enjoy their newly blossoming lives, such as movies, picnics, shopping, and church services if they are so inclined. This is truly the hand up that many people in our community have been in need of, and they will definitely have a busy time while at the Brooks House, preparing to live a life filled with hope for the future.

How can we help?  There are MANY ways that volunteers from our church family and community can help at The Brooks House (click here for details).  The ANGEL program is a voluntary program being offered to residents of the Brooks House shelter. People who volunteer to help with the Angel Program essentially take a family "under their wing" and help them with the day to day running of a household. You will be their lifeline in this new journey they are embarking on, and can really make a difference in a family's life. This program is led by Kim Craighead.

Brooks House Homeless Shelter


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