Please use the following age categories on the end of your Magi Boxes:

             Age Categories    1 - 3
                                        4 - 6
                                        7 - 10
                                      11 - 14

You will notice that we have chosen to remove the Baby/Infant category. This is because of cultural differences in the definition of a baby. Mothers in Honduras frequently categorize their children as babies based upon nursing. This has caused many children to receive clothing in the wrong size. This change was suggested as a solution by the team on the ground that distributes the boxes. Thank you for your understanding and continued dedication to this amazing project!
~ Cindy Herring, Magi Coordinator, Healing Hands International




It's never too early to begin preparing for Magi Boxes.  College Hills collects items year round and you can have your own Magi Box Packing Party anytime with family, friends, LIFE Group . . .  boxes are available in the Children's wing. Your gift of love will be picked up and taken to Healing Hands International where it will be prepared for delivery to children in Honduras at Christmas.

October 1 is the deadline for having Magi Boxes ready for shipment, where they will then go in a container by boat, be picked up on the northern coast, and then distributed to various churches in Honduras.  Several people from our College Hills family are planning to help in the distribution of Magi Boxes in December.

We'll also need gifts of money to pay the $7.00 needed for each box to cover the shipping costs. Checks can be written to College Hills Church or to Healing Hands International.


The College Hills family has a long history with Healing Hands International (HHI) and the Magi Box ProjectSharing compassion and love with needy children by sending them a simple shoebox packed with toys, candy, hygiene supplies, and clothing is one of the many ways that the College Hills family shares the love of Jesus.  Along with many families, individuals, congregations, schools, and youth groups across the United States, we partner with HHI to send these special Christmas boxes to orphans and children in poverty stricken countries who may have never received a present; giving new hope and joy to children worldwide. With your help, thousands of children will have a reason to celebrate the holiday season. Like the Magi of old, you'll bring a simple Christmas gift box to one that Jesus called, "the least of these".  Click here to download the Magi Brochure which contains identification labels to put on your box and gives complete details of how to give joy to a child this Christmas.


Magi Project 2008 from Mission Lazarus on VimeoClick Here to link to article by Jarrod Brown, Mission Lazarus