The College Hills Church Invites You
to Enroll in a Free Bible Study...

Reading and understanding the scriptures of the Holy Bible is the most profitable study that a person could ever do in their entire life.

The scriptures of the Bible came through the inspiration of God.  In the Bible you will learn about the true living God in Heaven who is the sole source of love, hope, peace, joy and life.

In the Bible you will find God's word,

  • you will find God's will for your life,

  • you will find guidance for your life, 

  • you will find purpose for your life and

  • you will find the knowledge of the way to eternal life. 


We joyously invite you to learn, through Bible study, the message of hope, which is the good news of Jesus Christ. 

If you are a person who feels like a boat tossed about on a windy sea, would you be interested in exploring how to anchor deeply in the one who can calm the storm?  God beckons you to harbor in His safe waters. 
World Bible School has students who study locally and in almost every country of the world. More and more people like you are enrolling every day.  Right now, over two million truth-seekers are studying the Bible with WBS lessons. 
If you have never studied the Bible, this course of study is an excellent beginning.   If it has been a long time since you have studies the Bible, this course will refresh and enrich your knowledge.


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