World Bible School                                                                 

WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL is a method of teaching that allows any Christian to take the gospel of Christ into the whole world by using correspondence courses. This method of evangelizing has proven to be very effective in many nations as millions of souls are being reached with the Gospel.  Thousands are baptized as a result.  Countless new churches are being planted.  You can take part in spreading the Gospel to the world by becoming involved in this good work.  Through your effort as a Study Helper in World Bible School (WBS), your students could put on Christ in baptism and in turn share the Gospel bringing others to Christ. 

We exhort you to commit your lives being a
good tree yielding good fruit
(Matthew 7:17,20).

Help share the message of eternal life by
being a WBS Study Helper.

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God works through volunteer Christians who lovingly teach students the knowledge of the Bible.  Most WBS Study Helpers work from home.  Study Helpers send WBS courses, corresponding with their students much as pen-pals would.  But they also share the Truth of the Gospel at the same time.  If you are interested in becoming a WBS Study Helper or would like more information about the WBS Free Correspondence Courses, see or contact:  Joy Rhodes, coordinator, anytime, or call the College Hills Church office at 615-444-9502.  

College Hills WBS Volunteers (study helpers and volunteers for other tasks) can click the blue Volunteer Registration button to Volunteer online now.


Our Mission is the
Great Commission


WBS Study Helpers Lovingly Doing a Good Work