I was raised in a traditional Buddhist family in Hong Kong, China.  In 1997 I married Chris and came to live in the US with little knowledge of Christianity and no desire to become a Christian whatsoever.   I began going to a small, local church with Chris out of respect to him and his family.  For seven years, I did not grow spiritually because I did not have any desire to.  I believed that simply being a good moral person was enough.

Then Chris and I joined the family of Christ at College Hills in 2004.  Slowly, I began to notice the love Christians had for everyone and wanted to be like them.  I loved participating in the many outreach programs sponsored by the church, but still did not necessarily believe in Christ because I was not convinced that miracles could really be done.

My attitude began to change when I became part of a Life Group.  Everyone knew I was Buddhist, but still they loved and respected me anyway.  Nobody pressured me to become a Christian.  Instead, they modeled the love of Christ and spent many, many hours patiently discussing and explaining spiritual matters to me.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.  God provided me many opportunities to learn through Life Group meetings, Sunday school classes, sermons, and religious materials (especially the video series on the Gospel of John).  He opened my eyes and showed me the true nature of His love.

After many years of struggling, I was finally ready to accept Christ on Sunday, January 4, 2009.  The journey to become a Christian was not easy for me.  I could never have made it without the help of my College Hills family, my Life Group, and my Sunday school class.  But most of all, I could not have come to Christ without the unconditional love from our Father.

 Justina Lawrence

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