Leadership positions


Be on a constant talent search!  Look for the spiritual gifts in people that will allow them to naturally fulfill leadership roles in your group.  It will make your role easier as a leader, and it will bless the person who has a chance to serve!



This person may not be a world class "people person" and may not have a "gift for gab." But he or she loves to have people in the home.  It is not a matter of showing-off material possessions; it is simply a God-given gift to welcome others.  He/she has the spiritual gift of hospitality.  This is a very important part of setting the tone for the meeting.  People have to feel comfortable if they are going to relax and share from the heart.  The host's house is clean but not sterile, lived in but not junky.  He/she meets people at the door, greets them, and shows them where to put coats, etc.


Refreshments are helpful.  Let the group decide whether or not to have refreshments, but we recommend you push for something, even if it is only lemonade and cookies.  If necessary, make rules about children staying in the kitchen with their food, and help the host enforce them.  It is worth the effort because some of the best caring time takes place over dessert and a cup of coffee.  Your group should decide who will furnish the refreshments, so that you can relieve your host from feeling obligated every week.



This person has never met a stranger. Talking on the phone is as natural to him or her as breathing.  This person is a natural encourager.  And he/she is able to ask people for a commitment without sounding pushy doing it. In fact, this person wants to be the telephone encourager because he/she loves catching up on all the news.  It is not unusual to spend all evening making the calls because each connection lasts ten or fifteen minutes!  But this person also has the tact to make quick calls not feel rushed when there is a time crunch.



Your apprentice is not your assistant - all the other leadership positions fill the role of assistant.  Your apprentice is preparing to take your job (or one just like it).  An assistant will help you carry a log from point A to point B, while an apprentice will learn how to carry the log and will recruit someone to help him carry it, relieving you of the responsibility altogether!  Be on the lookout for someone with the spiritual gifts of leading, caring, encouraging, and teaching.



Probably your best friend in the group.  This person's job is to be your # 1 supporter, fan, and sounding board.  We have found that when groups multiply, it is psychologically healthy for the leader to have someone that he knows will always be with him.  This person is not preparing to launch a new group, but is in position to support you when you send out group members into the kingdom.  Leaders need to feel connected, even if their group is changing frequently.




-Worship Leader - someone who has a singing talent and can inspire others to join in

-Childcare Coordinator - someone with a special concern for children

-Prayer Request Recorder - someone who will record prayer requests to keep a record of how God has answered the group's prayers. Requires reliability and spiritual vision.

-Refreshments Coordinator - someone who can organize and plan

-Outreach Coordinator - someone who has a heart for reaching outsiders