Use a covenant as a tool to help your group clarify expectations.  You can ask everyone to sign and return it, or you can get a verbal commitment without signatures.  The conversation is more important the the document itself.


Discuss your covenant when you launch a group, and then about every six months or whenever the group is losing momentum.


Feel free to cut & paste the sample covenant below and edit to fit your group.



Sample Group Covenant

This covenant is a promise we make to one another in the presence of God.  It indicates our intention to make ourselves available to each other to promote group health and individual spiritual growth.


1.                   The purpose of our group will be:  __________________________________________________



2.                   Our goals will be:

a.  ____________________________________________________________________________

b.  ____________________________________________________________________________

c.  ____________________________________________________________________________

3.             We will meet on _________________(day of week).

4.             We will meet for ___weeks, after which we will decide if we wish to covenant for another period.

5.                   We will meet from ___to___, and we will strive to start on time and end on time.

6.                   We will meet at _______________(place) or we will rotate from house to house.

7.                   We agree to the following ground rules for our group:

ü       PRIORITY: While we are a group, we will give priority to the group meetings.  We will be here for one another unless circumstances beyond our control prevent our attendance.

ü       PARTICIPATION: Everyone is encouraged to participate, and no one dominates.

ü       RESPECT: Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, and all questions are encouraged and respected.

ü       CONFIDENTIALITY: We will never repeat outside the meeting anything detrimental that is said in the meeting.

ü       LIFE CHANGE: We will regularly assess our own life change goals and encourage one another in our pursuit of Christ-likeness.

ü       EMPTY CHAIR: We are prayerfully inviting new people to join our group, and we will include an empty chair in our circle each meeting to remind us of this mission.

ü       CARE & SUPPORT:  Permission is given to call upon each other at any time for help, especially in times of crisis.  We will provide care for every member.

ü       ACCOUNTABILITY: We agree to let the members of the group hold us accountable for the commitments each of us make.

ü       MISSION: When we reach 20 adults, we will launch a new group so that new people can enjoy the blessing of belonging to a group.



Signature                                                                Date