Host the VIP LIFE group

The VIP LIFE group meets on the third Sunday of each month.  Bridget Howerton, who coordinates the VIP group, needs other LIFE groups to host the monthly VIP gathering.  

{ VIP calendar }


Here are the details ... 

  • Currently there about 30-35 VIP LIFE group participants (including caregivers)
  • The group meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month after Bible Class (around 11:15 AM) in the Fellowship Center. 
  • Plan a 5-10 minute devotional geared to young adults. Interaction is good.
  • Please sing; our VIP group really likes to "make a joyful noise." Several of the group members can lead singing and prayers.
  • Recognize the caregivers. They do a good job and do not hear a lot of affirmation.
  • They like to socialize.  Have each one in your LIFE group members sit with one of the VIPs and get to know them. 
  • Food. Whatever you would provide your LIFE Group would be fine.  A few special notes: 
    • The VIP group has lots of good eaters!  But none are too picky.
    • There are a few with dietary restrictions, but they will typically have a caregiver with them.  Ask the caregivers to help with food. They know each person's dietary needs.
    • Let Bridget Howerton know what you are planning, so she can tell participants. 
  • Have fun and enjoy getting to know some very special people. { V.I.P. Mission }

CLICK HERE to email Bridget with questions or to volunteer.