I, ______________________________________ , being a licensed driver, and being of sound mind and body do hereby agree with my parents to the following guidelines and responsibilities when I drive:


It is understood that having a driver's license and driving a motor vehicle are privileges, not rights.  Any privilege has to be earned, and it must be earned on a continual basis.  It is granted to me by my parents, who are under no obligation to do so, and who may withdraw the privilege at any time. Because I am a minor, my parents remain responsible for my behavior. I understand that I will only be allowed to drive when I am willing to abide by the rules and regulations established by my parents.


I recognize that driving a car is a very serious matter. I recognize that...

  • Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death of people 16-20 years old.
  • I am more likely to die in an auto accident than from any other cause.
  • Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) are the leading cause of death in people age 16 to 20. MVAs account for about 1/3 of deaths of people in this age group.
  • People aged 16 to 20 have the highest fatality rate due to MVAs of any other age group.
  • People aged 16 to 20 make up only 5% of drivers and only 3% of all miles driven by all drivers. And yet they are involved in 15% of traffic deaths.
  • About 5000 teenagers of driving age die in automobile accidents every year.
  • For every teenager killed, about 100 have injuries that are not fatal. MVAs are the leading cause of disability related to head and spinal cord injuries.
  • 17-year old drivers are 6 times as likely to have an MVA as are people in the general population of drivers.
  • 16-year old drivers are 20 times as likely to have an MVA.
  • Recklessness or errors that I make while driving could kill or hurt me, kill or hurt passengers in my car, and/or kill or hurt people in other cars and pedestrians. Among those that could be victims of my driving mistakes are: babies, children, my friends, my family members, parents of children, and many others.
  • Apart from the risk of death is the risk of injury to the teen driver, passengers, and others. Driving can also become a financial burden to the family, a burden which can become a crisis in the event of an accident.
  • We will review this agreement and perhaps make changes to it one year from this date or earlier if my parents or I wish to do so.


Since driving is such a serious responsibility, I agree to the following:

  1. I will abide by all laws regulating driving. I will obey all street and highway signs, traffic lights and stop  signs.  I will observe and abide by posted speed limits. I will abide by rules established by my parents. I recognize these are for my protection and the protection of others.
  2. I will always slow down and look both ways at intersections, especially in school zones and at  crosswalks.  I will pay attention to signals at all railroad crossings.
  3. I will adhere to all curfews, restricted driving hours and will always call home if I expect to be late. I will  be certain that my parents know where I am.
  4. I will not permit any other person to drive the car.
  5. I will not engage in any thrill-seeking behavior while driving. I will not drive for recreation. Driving too fast or playing around with a car for fun is not allowed.
  6. I will not allow alcohol or illegal drugs in the car. I will not ride as a passenger with any driver who has used alcohol or drugs. If I find myself in such a situation, I will contact my parents or another designated adult to arrange for transportation.
  7. I will inform my parents about any and all accidents and encounters with police.
  8. I will recognize that a car is not a toy, but a machine that has the power to kill and injure.
  9. I will respect weather and road conditions, slowing down as needed for safety. I will contact my parents to discuss weather or poor road conditions when I am out driving.
  10. Knowing that judgment and driving skills are altered by emotions, I will not drive when I am upset or angry. Under these conditions, I will contact my parents or another adult for transportation.
  11. I will not attempt to drive if I am feeling sleepy.
  12. It is my responsibility to protect the car I drive. I will keep it reasonably clean and maintained.
  13. I will not allow my passengers to behave in such a way as to damage the car or distract me while driving.
  14. I will wear my seatbelt and shoulder harness at all times and require all passengers to wear them. I will limit the number of passengers to the number of seat belts in the car.
  15. I will keep the car doors locked while driving and when leaving the car.
  16. When transporting my friends, I will be sure that they have their parents' permission to ride with me.
  17. I will not allow smoking in the car.
  18. I will not eat while driving.
  19. For the first month I drive, I will not have the car stereo on.
  20. I will not use a cell phone or operate the car stereos while driving. When I am allowed to use the stereo, I will only adjust the volume of the stereo while driving. I will pull over for other operations of cell phones and electronic equipment.
  21. Tickets and moving violations will result in suspension of my driving privileges for a period to be determined by my parents.
  22. My parents have no obligation to pay my fines for driving-related tickets.
  23. I will pay for insurance coverage on the car.
  24. I will agree to provide transportation to family members at the directive of my parents. Fulfilling these obligations is a condition of my use of a car. Sometimes these responsibilities will override my own desires and interests in using the car.


I agree to abide by the rules in this contract and I accept the consequences and penalties if I do not. I recognize my parents' authority in deciding if I may drive. That authority is final until I am an adult living independent of them.





Driver __________________________________________________



Parent __________________________________________________



Parent __________________________________________________


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