Finding your place... 

In today's 21st Century world, advances in technology have brought about more changes in the way we live. The improvements that have been made that are supposed to save us time have only served to keep us busier than ever. The conveniences that are a part of today's lifestyles have come at a high price. That price being relationships with others. We have become so busy that we barely have time to take care of ourselves and our own families, much less worry about our neighbors or even those that we don't know but see on the street who are suffering and in need.

Our government has tried to offer help to those in need in this country, but we all know that these programs come up short and there are many people who fall through the cracks. Then there are the people who may be all right financially but that are hurting emotionally and need to feel like there is someone in this world who cares.

God offers help to all the lost and hurting souls in this world. But today's society would have us believe that "religion" is a crutch or a cult for the weak and confused. At College Hills Church of Christ, we believe that Christianity is not a "religion" or a philosophy, but a relationship and a lifestyle. And that the core of this lifestyle is thinking of others instead of ourselves as Jesus did. You might ask yourself how this happens in real life. Well, it's through the choices that we make. We choose to do the right thing in helping others. At College Hills, we believe that being a Christian involves far more than creeds and convictions, it includes conduct and character. That is why our leadership has determined that we will be a congregation that acts out their worship to God. Therefore we provide various ministry opportunities for people to help other people. The areas of assistance range from: School Store, clothing give-away, Head Start Christmas, Community Cares Benevolence Center, Crisis Pregnancy Help Center, Hispanic tutoring after school program, Hearthside Assisted Living Facility, and much more.

In addition to these "outreach" programs our congregation also provides programs for our members to interact and grow in their faith together. Of course we offer regular worship services and Sunday school classes for all ages. But in addition to those classes, each age group has different activities that offer time for fun and fellowship. Specifically, our Youthreach program for teens 7th grade through 12th grade, creates a safe and christian environment for teenagers to hang out, meet new people and connect with caring adults who can mentor them through the difficult years of adolescence. We even have a similar program for College age students. Our Children's ministry is very active also. There are things going on more than just on Sundays. Younger children are encouraged to participate in things like the LIFE Groups." These groups meet a minimum of twice a month on the second and fourth Sunday nights giving people the chance to know each other better and develop their relationship on a much deeper level. Bible study is also a very important part of these small groups and being able to share with others who can relate with similar circumstances.

The leadership of our family of faith believes that our deeds must be consistent with our creeds and our beliefs must be backed up with Christlike behavior. If you are searching for a place to grow in God's love, we invite you to experience our church family. Or if you feel lost and are hurting, please come and let us share the wonderful life-changing truth that God has made available to us through his son Jesus Christ.

                Whatever your needs, we invite you to join our "Family of Faith" at
College Hills Church of Christ.