Join us on Sundays at 10:00 AM for adult Bible classes!

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 Jim & Meredith McDowell, Room 205

 College-aged students studying topics relevant to their generation.



 Van & Janet Cluck, Wilson & Jessica McCoy, Room 203/204 

 A group of adults, ranging in age from 20’s to 40’s, who are seeking to grow deeper in their commitment to God as   individuals and as a community.


 Families of Faith

 Jeff Cherry, Doug Smithhisler, and Caleb Thorne, Room 306

 Our target audience is young families, but we welcome older adults with "been there, done that” real life   experiences.We study a variety of scriptures and topics and apply them to the specific needs of young families.



 John Grant and Danny Camp, Room 209 

 Founded on bearing one another's burdens and rejoicing in one another's triumphs through prayer, encouragement,   and fellowship, this class is blessed with a rotation of teachers, and is made up mostly of families who have children at   home. 


 Adult Class

 Frank Gailbreath, Room 301/303 

 This class likes to dig into Scripture and make application to our daily lives.



 Barry Sherrill and Kevin White, Room 305

 Middle aged adults seeking to have their faith strengthened through Bible-based textual studies and topical studies


 Sisters in Christ

 Margie Morgan, Juanita Jackson, Joree Dudley, Room 102

 This women’s class emphasizes learning and loving. Come join this group of wise, caring, and sometimes zany women   who are truly Sisters in Christ.


 Free Spirits

 Lee Gessner & Mike Hassell, Room 302

 A Bible based class taking a fresh look at various New Testament scriptures each week.


 Faith Seekers

 Jay Barry and Chris Lawrence, Room 108 

 A dynamic adult class seeking to increase our faith through the study of God’s word.



 Tom Wallace, Room 202

 A discussion-oriented Bible study class focused on the application of our faith to daily living. Discussions are based   around both topical and textual lessons with the goal of bringing our faith alive in the way we live, the way we care for   those around us, and the way we worship God in our lives.



 Jim Hundley, Room 201

 This class of older adults typically studies the Bible verse-by-verse, seeking new discoveries and applying it to our lives   each week.


 V I P

 Randy Boyce and Bridget Howerton, Room 111

 Basic Bible study for those with special needs. The group interacts in an encouraging and caring atmosphere.


 Community Bible Class 

 Early Bird Class 8:00 AM, Room 304

 Byron Pirtle, Room 304

 George Robertson, Room 502

 George Robertson and Jeff Lasater, at the Fellowship House, 206 S College St, Lebanon

 The Community Bible Class is a great place for folks who have been through rough times in life and want to find   strength and encouragement for healing from God's Word, prayer, and one another. Three Community Bible Classes   are offered each week — three on the CHCC campus and one at the Fellowship House.